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Among Ed Panlilio: Warrior Priest, Warrior Governor

February 19, 2009


Among Ed Panlilio, Pampanga’s priest-turned-provincial governor, is a fighter.

But from wearing the Shoes of the Fishermen he is discovering that the shoes of a local administrator as much, much harder to fill.

And as he has also found out these past three years, the war between good and evil is much harder to fight on a day to day basis.

This is particularly true in the’Republic’ of Pampanga’ where the biggest temptations are illegal gambling (jueteng) and quarrying (making money from the ash deserts deposited by Mount Pinatubo nearly 20 years ago.

But Among Ed is showing the grit and tenacity much like Moses displayed in delivering the Ten Commandments.

This week he directly confronted one of the alleged padrinos of the resurgent jueteng operstors of Pampanga, presidential son and congressman Mikey Arroyo.

Unblinkingly, Rep. Arroyo asserted that  there certain is no proof of loose talk against him while Panlilio demanded, and got, what he wanted: the replacement of the provincial police chief.

The last time Among Ed brought his case to the news media it was to reveal he had been given and had rejected PhP500,000 in cash as ‘a thank you gesture’ from Malacanang for favors unknown.

Now with the next elections just 15 months away there are people around him egging him to run for higher office.

But the priest-turned-governor is not biting, not yet at least.

Among Ed knows his enemies have him in their cross-hairs, including elements who deserted him  for his dogged refusal to change his patriarchal style of governance (not that there is anything wrong about it) or when he did not bow to their wishes and turned down self interest-driven requests.

His simply message to them: I will simply do what is right for God and Country.


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