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China Strongly Protests Rushed RP Baselines Bill

February 19, 2009


The rush passage by both houses of Congress of the new Baselines Law has trigerred a strong protest from Beijing.

The official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, carries the protest move as main banner story of its on-line edition.


What we have here now is the Arroyo regime confronting both China and the United States with the Daniel Smith custody wrangle still simmering!

A former undersecretary of foreign affairs told this writer just over the weekend that “what Congress has done here is an attempt to revise the Philippines’s territorial domain beyond the coverage of long existing international treaty limits.”

Those are the very limits provided in the Treaty of Paris at the turn of the previous millenium and cannot be done unilaterally by any nation,” my source said.


What have the Senate and the House of Representatives done here?!.pdf

If President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo foolishly signs the revised Philippine Baselines bill into law she may put the Philippines on the threshold of a shooting war with the People’s Republic of China

Are we fully ready to assert the widened coverage of the nation’s territorial limits through force of arms with our practically non-existent Philippine Navy?


Malacanang through its Press Secretary, Cerge Remonde, is now being quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer as saying in a text message that Manila will leave it to the United Nations to mediate in the diplomatic face off with Beijing.

cerge-on-china-protestThe Remonde statement, unless it is withdrawn or revised, is revelatory in its candidness that the Baselines bill was passed to be able to meet a UN deadline.

But in saying that, the good press secretary has revealed a possible Achilles heel: that the ramifications of the measure on the Philippines’s territorial limits as delineated in the Treat of Paris may not have been fully studied.

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