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GMA’s Economic Stimulus Package:Will It Work?

February 22, 2009



Labor and economic experts are taking a hard look at the economic stimulus package being cobbled together by the government of the day. he task before the Arroyo regime is daunting.

ople-on-labor-crisis-and-stimulus-planmedalla-quotediokno-on-crisis-stimulus-packageNo matter which side of the political fence anyone is we all have a big stake in its success.

This should properly be a non-partisan issue with every one of us pulling our own weight.

But this being the case we must be doubly sure the public, and private funds being solicited and mobilized really are translated into jobs, jobs, and jobs.

The end result should logically be for the contributors: Filipino taxpayers to eventually earn back the blood and sweat exacted from them through a revived economy and better public services.

We little choice but to trust GMA and her managers for now.

Pray that the heavens won’t fall if we are betrayed.


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