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Danny Lim Mobilizing For 2010 Or For A New Coup?

February 24, 2009


declaration-of-unity-danny-limThe military is reaffirming its support for “duly constituted authorities” in respone to the on-line and published manifesto of support from some 17 military organization ang individuals for cashiered Brigadier General who was the central figure in the November 2008 abortive putsch in Makati’s Manila Peninsula Hotel.

That manifesto is being interpreted twp ways by the public: 1) as a thinly veiled ‘call to arms’ for sectors still entertaining a power grab from the highly unpopular Arroyo regime even as it has some 14 months left in its questioned term; and 2) as a plain endorsement of Lim running for high office in 2010.

Those two ‘scenarios’ are validated by the two similar ‘loaded’ reactions from Pres. Arroyo (in her EDSA 1 anniversary remarks) and the statement from the AFP General Headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo.

But coffee shop talk now swirls around the latter scenario  of Danny Lim taking the ‘Trillanes formula’: running for high office with the ‘lower’ option of vying for one of the twelve Senate seats to be contested in 2010.

The widespread mistrust and depleted political capital of the Arroyo administration are forecast to result in  a ‘sure win-protest vote’ for the political opposition, assuming its wannabees will be united under one ticket.

But whose ticket? Erap’s?  Villar’s? Mar Roxas’s?

And the list goes on while the administration is forming it’s own ‘KBL’ through GMA’s order for Lakas and Kampi to merge.

The administration juggernaut is even thought to be bolstered by talk that Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco is in the same political bed as Arroyo as ‘affirmed’ by Mrs. Arroyo’s very visible visit to the Ortigas, Pasig corporate headquarters of San Miguel Corporation (which is now the biggest shareholder of Petron Corporation).

Nakaka helo 🙂

Dizzying developments in the runup to 2010, huh?

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