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The Right Of Reply Bill: Assaulting Press Freedom?

February 25, 2009


The country’s major news media organizations and news practitioners are loudly denouncing the impending passage of the Right Of Reply Bill principally authored by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, and for good reason.!.pdf

Pimentel, it appears, wants to turn back the clock.

While the clamor is for libel to be decriminalized, Pimentel wants to handcuff the Fourth Estate.
Filipino journalists are licentious, even irresponsible and display, at times, wanton disregard for privacy.

But what about government?

It freely dispenses untruths that will shame even Joseph Goebbels.

With technology making spy cameras ubiquitous, George Orwell’s Big Brother is now a reality.
While you’re at it, Sen. Pimental, why not file a bill to create the Thought Police of the Philippines?

Sure the working press must be expected to exercise utmost responsibility with the premium on fairness and adherence to the truth.

But that’s for all citizens to live by.

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