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Another US Report Hits Corruption Under GMA

March 1, 2009


The Philippines, more specifically the Arroyo administration, has come under fire anew from the US State Department for corruption.

This time the newly released report narrates how corruption is “an obstacle” in checking the spread of illegal drugs even though it is given “high priority” with government achieving “some successes in enforcing counter-narcotics laws.”

The release of the US State Department’s 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) comes just days after its 2008 Country Report on the human rights situation under GMA.

That Report similarly pinpointed the ravages of corruption and lack of transparency not only in the executive department but also in the judiciary, the uniformed services, and the mass media.

Now a particularly disturbing part of the new Report also points to how rebel and terrorist groups are involved in drug trafficking along with Chinese and Taiwanese drug syndicates.

The Chinese Triad and Taiwanese Bamboo Bang “control” the production of crystal methamphetamine or shabu plus the distribution of the ecstasy pill popular among rich Filipino youth.
It’s been several months since President Arroyo appointed herself Anti Drug Czarina.

But there is no indication in the Report just how it has mitigated the severity of the drug abuse problem in the Philippines for the long term.

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