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Filipino USAFFE Veterans: Unbowed Though Insulted And Nearly Forgotten

March 2, 2009


They have been waiting for 63 years with most of their other comrades in arms having gone to the Maker while the great power who conscripted them to fight under its flag had all but forgotten their gallantry in battle.

Now, humbled like beggars, the surviving Filipinos who served under the USAFFE queue in the premises of the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office and the US Veterans Administration to apply for the paltry one-time gratuity of under PhP 500-K allocated in the recently enacted Veteran Equity package tacked on as a rider in Pres. Barack Obama’s spending plan to pull the United States out of recession.

Never mind that Harry Truman slapped them with the Rescission Act of 1948 and never mind that the $198-M aid package for them is even lower than that allocated a generation ago.

Here at home, as PVAO warns,there are even fivers who prey upon them likke vultures


Despite these new indignities upon indignities past, the Filipino veterans still muster weak salutes and proudly wear their medals.

To their dying breath, they are warriors unbowed.



Professor Solita ‘Winnie’ Monsod gives an in-depth analysis of the veterans’ plidht in this report which aired over GMA Network’s VHF TV platform, QTV 11.

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