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March 3, 2009

npr-on-fv-attackA well-known blogger who goes by the pseudonym Patricio Mangubat is reporting that the current offline status of the on-line Filipino political writers collective is actually a deliberate “attack by the Arroyo administration.”

Mangubat quotes unidentified sources for his story.

Earlier today blogger Cocoy and FV Editor Nick of told members of, which counts over 20 bloggers the site was experiencing weather-relate technical problems though it was not clear exactly what those problems were.

Through Cocoy and Nick said FV would be back either 10 am Manila time or much later at 10 p.m.

Absent details as to the true nature of the problem, this writer knows from experience that other than in-house technical glitches, site servers can also come what are called ‘denial of access’ attacks.

In such instances the website in question is made to appear that it is off line or its servers are actually hacked with malicious software called Trojans” being embedded to wreak havoc on the site data and blocking out even those with Administrator Access Rights.

In serious attacks the site can also be defaced or visually cloned but with disinformation pasted on the site or site visitors being redirected to garbage locations.

Such is the vicious character of such activities in this new media age.


FV went back on line late last night after its back-end team worked out how FV was “locked out of its account.”

The standard practice of its data being backed up every hour saved the day.

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