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Joey Salceda, Celso Delos Angeles, And The 2010 Elections

March 5, 2009


Is there a political angle in the raging Legacy rural banks and pre-need plans brouhaha.

No and yes.

That’s because despite the defense being put up by businessman Celso ‘Boy Sese’Delos Angeles, a defense to which he is fully entitled, his detractors as personified by parents’ coalition head Philip Piccio, say they have unearthed boxes of original documentary evidence.

. The evidence, corroborated by two former employees of Delos Angeles, allegedly point to how the mayor of Sto. Domingo, Albay dipped sticky fingers into the accounts of depositors in 14 rural banks he ‘owned’ or hand controlling interest in along with misappropriating or mismanaging the trust funds of hi pre-need companies.

The political angle is Delos Angeles’s well known mutual animosity with Albay governor and presidential economic adviser Joey Salceda.


Well before the Legacy scandal  blew up, the two gentlemen have been at each other’s throats  trading accusations about who was the Jueteng Lord oin their province.

It was also common knowledge in Albay that Delos Angeles was planning to either chAllenge Salceda in the next gubernatorial duel or to run for congress.

The pressure for government prosecutors to complete the preliminary investigations of the charges already filed by central bank officials, not least among them syndicated estafa charges while the pre-need parents’ group have also accused Delos Angeles of swindling them in a very, very big way.

A side story here this is how ‘Boy Sese’ reportedly showered a paramour from the show business industry multi-millionpeso gifts. At least in this case Delos Abgeles had an iron-clad defense: he fell in love.

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