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Who’s Afraid Of Cesar Mancao?

March 5, 2009


What does former policeman Cesar Mancao know?

People are wrangling over this as official word is being awaited about just exactly when Mancao and his friend, Glen Dumlao, will be extradited to Manila to face trial for the death of public relations expert Salvador ‘Bubby’ Dacer and his driver.

Late this afternoon,  the lawyer of the Dacer family, Demeterio Custodio revealed in a phone interview with ABC-CBN Network Mancao has met in New York with Dacer’s daughter Carina and had executed an affidavit “that mentioned the names of people involved in the double murders.”

Atty. Custodio declined to reveal further details but said that since Mancao was “no longer contesting the extradition proceedings against him he could be bnack in Manila in two or three weeks’ time.”

Custodio said he was “hopeful that the revelation of Mancao would help shed new light and convince authorities to reopen the investigation into the unresolved killings.”

Embroiled here is Senator Panfilo Lacson with talk about Mancao’s readiness “to spill the beans” about the brains in the dastardly crime.

Having known Manong Bubby personally, this writer is among those anxious to find out who really ordered the rub-out

But Sen. Lacson, with the 2010 elections likely to be his last run at high office, has every interest to get the Dacer murder resolved once and for all.

He needs this.

And whoever will become his running mate in 2010 also needs for the Dacer issue to be put to rest.

Already percolating in coffee shop and back rooms are the possible pairings with such names as Ping Lacson, Manny Villar, Mar Roxas, Loren Legarda, Chiz Escudero, Noli De Castro, and hey, even Bayani Fernando, being jumbled around.

With the candidacy filing deadline moved forward to November 30, National Heroes Day, we should know soon enough is and how the Mancao-Dacer side issue impacts on the 2010 elections.

So I close with a question: Indeed just who is afraid of Cesar Mancao?

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