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Obama Prodded on RP-China Dispute Over Spratlys

March 6, 2009

spratlys-islandsThe Asia Center of American think tank Heritage Foundation has issued an analysis authored by the center’s  director prodding Washington D.C. to take notice of the security implications in the Asia Pacific region of the Spratly islands territorial dispute.

Asia scholar Walter Lohman’s February 26 report points out in a forthright tone that China’s expansionist designs are obvious and could be lead to a serious crisis several years down the road.


Lohman’s analysis is anchored on the recently passed Philippine territorial baselines bill which is awaiting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s signature but has been protested by Beijing.

Lohman’s piece is a cogent recitation of the diplomatic impasse.

One matter though, if indeed the baselines bill becomes law it remain to be see if the revision of the Philippines’s international treaty limits genuinely promote the nation’s interests or put them at risk.

Most instructive is a recent report by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism her:

Your Midfielder previously noted how the main Philippine post over at the Spratly’s Pag-Asa Island could become the next flash point:

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