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Coming: The Quad-Media Platform, All Filipino Bagong Bayan Media Network

March 7, 2009


Here’s what the All-Filipino News Network will be like:

The site is a purely user-generated content site. We will be featuring news coming from bloggers and all other Filipinos, both here and abroad. We have already asked our  veteran journalist friends and they are excited to take part in this venture.

For our first outings, we will be featuring news coming from all geographical areas being covered right now by the regular media.

We will be posting new media journalists at these areas.

What they’ll do is get news from there, upload it at the site with a story.

They can do live interviews or even radio reports, since the site will have live streaming radio and TV feeds.

What’s so good about this is its not just national. It’s international. Filipinos living abroad who want to contribute may do so. But, they need to be accredited first before they can participate.

All members of the Bagong Bayan Media Network will have their own identification cards.

They will be accredited with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and bona fide members of  the National Press Club (NPC), and as necessary, the Advertising Association of the Philippines.

The goal is simple–integration of new media practitioners into the mainstream and conversely, the mainstream integrated into the new media field.

Its hallmark: Ethical, Fair, Fearless, Pro Filipino

Our battle cry: Bayan Natin, Balita Natin (All Rights Reserved)

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