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Francis Magalona Is Dead, Long Live Francis M!

March 10, 2009


Francis Magalona is being brought to his final resting place this morning.

His body was cremated last night after his friends and admirers paid him a final tribute through songs and recollections of his humanity, his artisty, his patriotism.

His children vowed they would try to follow in his footsteps and make him proud in the same way he raised them, as proud Filipinos.

It was just August last year that ‘Master Rapper’ Francis Magalona was diagnosed with leukemia.

Only when his doctors prescribed that he cut down his activities did Kiko really begin begin withdrawing from the showbiz limelight.

Dying at the peak of a vastly creative career at age 44, Magalona could very well be the First Filipino pop icon to develop a cult following not unlike how Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe’s sudden deaths made them immortal.

His mortal remains are just ashes now but the early signs: the surge in the sales of his music CDs and his commercial merchandise all point to how Filipinos are determined to keep Magalona alive in their hearts.

The times are hard and it surely is the intense nationalism of Francis’ artistry that is his priceless legacy to all Filipinos.


The midday funeral ar Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City



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