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The Homecoming of Cesar Mancao (Updated)

March 13, 2009


Filipinos are being treated to a striptease about what exactly ex-policeman Cesar Mancao has “revealed” in the sworn statement he executed in a Florida jail while awaiting extradition to Manila.

Public anticipation is understandably building up because the joint US Marshals-NBI posse escorting Mancao is expected to arrive in Manila unannounced either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

His extradition is expected to be followed by the return of his former superior officers in the Lacon-led Presidential Anti-Organized Task Force (PAOCTF): Glen Dumlao and Michael Rey Aquino.

Having reopened the probe into the double murders of PR man Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito in 2000, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales has been variously quoted as saying four or five people are mentioned by Mancao “being involved in the crime.”

Titillatingly, Gonzales claims two men have come forward to reveal that  they were the ones hired to gather the firewood in Cavite where the bodies of Dacer and Corbito were burned

Dacer’s daughter, Carina, who met Mancao in New York, is of the impression that the former fugitive wants to get a whole lot off his chest.


There now appears to be moves in the shadows to condition the public mind about the forthcoming new pieces in the case jigsaw puzzle.


Now we have former police general Reynaldo Berroya, estranged kumpadre of former president Erap Estrada and arch-enemy of Sen. Panfilo Lacson, suddenly coming forward with claims of his own that Lacson “wanted me dead” at the height of the Dacer murder controversy.

Lacson has plans of running for high office anew next year.

One cannot but wonder how far the homecoming of Mancao, and Berroya’s newfound ‘candor’ will impact on Ping’s his political agenda, of his allies’ goals, and those of  his detractors.


Note: The Philippine Star story is bylined by Tony Calvento, a veteran journalist who cut his teeth as a police beat reporter. Valvento once hosted and produced a TV show devoted to crime stories called The Calvento Files.

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