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GMA’s New Phone Pal

March 14, 2009


It’s a lazy Saturday here in Manila and so it being Friday in the good ‘ol U.S. of A the handlers of  Pres. Obama must have felt it was as good a time as any for their boss to catch up on bonding-by-remote-control with two Asian leaders, including his opposite number in Manila, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

And let’s get this clear it wasn’t just GMA Mr, Obama called but also Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The Singapore Straits Times recapped the SArroyo-~Obama talk this way:


As GMA network news on-line is reporting it: “Press Secretary Cerge Remonde quoted Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo on government radio that it was Obama who called Arroyo.

“Sec. Romulo expressed satisfaction and had a very positive feeling about this development. He considers this a very important development in relations between the two countries especially under the Obama administration. Sec. Romulo stresses the fact this time it was President Obama seeking President Arroyo,” Remonde said.

He did not say how long the telephone call lasted, but said they had a long talk. “Mahaba-haba ang pag-uusap nila (They had a long talk),” he said.”
Fair enough.

The question now is how the new phone buddies will be able move on  resolving sticky issues such as corruption in the Arroyo government as highlight in the controsial World Bank report on the rigging of WB-funded road project biddings, human rights abuses, and the questioned constitutionality of the VFA as amplified by the more than two year long embassy-arrest of convicted rapist Daniel Smith.

Then and only then will other Filipinos feel good about the Gloria-Barack talkie-talkie.

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