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‘Nicole’ Revisited: Daniel, The Victim?

March 22, 2009


I’ve been scratching my head a bit over just what really happened to Suzette Nicolas Sombihon in the days after the 2006 conviction of Daniel Smith and the time two weeks ago when the supposed rape victim decided to leave the Philippines for good having “failed to find justice” in the Philippines.

I revisit this issue because of the flurry of negative reactions about the decision of the Filipina, now 25 years old, to recant her story, even if she risks being accused of perjury.

Among recent  derisive ‘tags’ I’ve come across characterized her as “having gone from being a heroine to a prostitute”, of being a “slut” or “skank”.

A close, close reading of her 206 complaint affidavit and her recantation reveal quite glaring shifts.



There also are indications that in her haste to leave the country it looks like Suzette didn’t even have time to renew her Philippine passport!

Note the date of the Makati affidavit and the expiration date of her passport.

suzette-ss-notarial-portionThese elements which are coming to light leads this writer to think that sadly,  Suzette was, all this time, either:

  • just a Filipina ‘on the prowl’ to get a quick ticket to the United States (even if it meant compromising her moral moorings);
  • was heavily pressured to recant and leave immediately so the ‘injustice’ committed on the American soldier is undone;
  • or that she was indeed raped but had now succumbed to her practical material needs.

However else her story ends I will remember her, ruefully, as a tragic, tragic figure.

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