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GMA Playing Her Last Legacy Card

March 23, 2009

The government of the day is counting down the last 13 months in its term and no one should begrudge President Arroyo for trying to craft another peace pact with the troublesome Moro Islamic liberation Front.

Such a pact would take the place that unconstitutional Memorandum of Agreement that would have given the Moro rebels a separate sovereign ‘ancestral domain in much of Mindanao.

So Mrs. Arroyo met over lunch with former British premier Tony Blair who is credited with convincing the once dreaded Irish Republican army ten years ago to disarm and accept a power-sharing arrangement deal with the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland.

Blair was recently appointed peace envoy to the Middle East by the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia.

blair-annan-montageMalacanang is packaging Mr. Blair as the tag team partner of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as “eminent persons’ who can advise Manila on how to convince the MILF to return to the peace table.

The headline value is obvious but it is too soon to say what tangible role if any two international statesmen could have play in the search for peace down South, assuming they be clothed with proper mandates.

In Mr. Blair’s case there appears to be a hint that the Belfast Good Friday Agreement that set up a separate parliament for Northern Ireland could be the frame for a Mindanao peace Pact.

Mr. Annan, who won the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize, could perhaps lend his insights about the United Nations successful deployment of military peace contigents in conflict areas.

Malacanang should realize it cannot play a diplomatic con game for the second time around as it struggles to leave behind a peace legacy.

This is Mrs. Arroyo’s last card, given how she stands little chance of removing the branding of corruption on her 9-yeae stay in power, not to mention her government’s equal inability to check human rights abuses blamed largely on the uniformed services.

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