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Erap’s Gun-Toting Stunt

March 25, 2009


One thing with former President Joseph Estrada, he knows his punch lines and his photo opps.

So the current lessees in the Palace by the Pasig are angrily surprised that police authorities in Cebu, President Arroyo’s proven bailiwick, did raise hell  last March 4 when Estrada rode mightily atop a vintage ‘Willys’ military jeep complete with a mounted 50-caliber machine gun, an inoperative ‘replica’ that is.


Now quiet belatedly PNP Director-General Jesus Versoza to expedite its investigation into Erap’s stunt and charge Estrada with gun-toting, along with United Opposition boss Jejomar Binay.

Quite ridiculously they say Estrada and Binay may have vioted a harebrained 1982 Marcod decree that outlawed the public display of gun replicas

Estrada and Binay may not really have thought through their stuntn but on hindset they mut have realized the message they are sending to Filipinos is it’s okay to defy, even mock a widely unpopular regime whose political capital is alreadi in deficit.

Oh this will certainly have impact alright – on the filming of period movies with such gun replicas as props.

Estrada and Binay are already snickering, fully aware that if they are hailed to court their publc awareness will simply soar higher than these already are. See who’ll have egg on their faces.

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