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Jose Melo’s Cha-Cha Doubletake

March 27, 2009


We Filipinos are generally and agreeable and patient lot. Generally grounded on Christian traditions passed on by our colonial era forebears.

We have more than a healthy respect for our elders, translating into acknowledgement of, and respect for authority.

On the negative side, such cultural influences have led to us often being complacent, as manifested in a devil-may-care (bahala na or mamaya na) attitude almost bordering on fatalism.

But when Filipinos live in environment where there is no bending the rule of law and no shortcuts they thrive in the most laudable of ways.

So why is it, I ask myself, that our political leaders have, time and again, behave as if they can always have their way with us?

They engage in unadulterated doubletalk and self contradictions that undermine their very own credibility and erode public faith in institutions imbued with public trust.

I say this because of the latest statements of Mr. |ose Melo, the retired Justice and now COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo.

This is the same gentleman entrusted with the task of ensuring that the Philippines’ first ever nationwide computer-aided elections are honest, orderly, efficient, and truly reflective of the will of the people.


With his peripheral vision on the current push for charter change with Congress being turned into a plenary constituent assembly, Mr. Melo says there may not be time enough to submit any proposed constitutional changes to a ratifying national plebiscite.

But then Melo changes gear.

You’d probably say that the COMELEC boss is only stating a fact of law.

But I think what has really come to light is his own subservience to the power who appointed him.

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