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Did Ping Lacson “Mastermind” The Dacer-Corbito Murders?

March 28, 2009


Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’Lacson’ is in big trouble, bigger than when he was implicated in the Kuratong Baleleng rub-out case.

Perhaps coincidentally Mr. Lacson is being accused of murder just two weeks after his advocacy-cum-political campaign video was posted on the video sharing site YouTube.

The embedding of the video is by no means an endoresment of Lacson’s latest bid for high office.

But this writer feels we have to see these sequence of events from a wider context, specially as Lacson’s battlecry is ‘patas na laban‘, meaning fair fight.

This is the very same context in which we are sure Lacson hope Filipinos will appreciate the legal battlw he now faces.

The claim of Sabina and Carina David that Lacson “masterminded the 2000 murder of their father, and his driver Emmanuel Corbito” now leaves the former national police chief only 2 choices:

1. Insist that the case be dismissed outright as being based on hearsay;

2. Ask that the case to go to trial to allow him to present evidence in his defense and clear his name.

Former police colonel Cesar Mancao is expected to finally be extradited to Manila this Tuesday.

He just may hold the key, as hinted at in the Valentine;s Day ‘tell-all’ affidavit where he implicated Lacson.

Will Mancao affirm the notarized contents in that affidavit?

NewsBreak magazine’s 2001 investigative report had revealed for the first time the existence of letters Dacer himself wrote detailing his misgivings of what he xalled “black propagand operations” being waged against him then by certin individuals “seeking to drive a wedge between him and then President Joseph Estrada.

These letters, too, could help clear up the tangled elements in the case.

But murder, double murder is a non-bailable capital offense.

So if Lacson pursues his bid to run in next year’s elections, he may have to do so behind bars.

It will be an arduous struggle but a struggle that Lacson must plunge into headlong.

The Dacer and Corbito families must likewise find closure in their long, painful search for justice.

The battle lines are drawn.


Sen. Lacson is now being quoted as blaming Malacanang for “black propaganda” moves against him:

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