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Albader Parad Turns The Screw In The ICRC Abduction

March 30, 2009


Efforts to get at least one of the three Red Cross workers held captive in Sulu by the terrist Abu Sayyaf are at an impasse again.

The fighting has stopped and government forces have pulled back some 15 kilometers from the lair of Albader Parad and his men.

But now they want all government forces to move back to Jolo, the capital city of Sulu, effectively ceding control of the rest of the island and its half-million residents.

sakur-tanSulu Governor Abdusakur Tan: “This is a complete turnaround from our previous position of not pulling out, because of our desire to settle this crisis peacefully.”

Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her security advisers need to work out a solution soon, with Parad’s 36-hour dead fast approaching.

This is no ‘ordinary kidnapping’ as the victims now in the 75th day of captivity including not just a Filipina, Mary Jean Lacaba, but her foreign colleagues, Andreas Notter of Switzerland an Eugenio Vagni of Italy.

The Abu Sayyaf know that while the government troops have pulled back the Abu Sayyaf encampment is within range of artillery position, a Marine ‘fire base’ in Indanan town.

This cannot be abandoned. But no administration, popular or not, can or should give in to blackmail.

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