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Chip Tsao Bows, So Should We

April 3, 2009


So Chinese Hong Kong’s ‘high-flying’ columnist and vaunted “satirist” Ko Tik a.k.a Chip Tsao is not impervious to public censure after all.

And while his wikipaedia profile tags him as an 8–year veteran of the respected British Broadcasting Corporation, and once wielded his vitriolic pen even against the former chief executive of Hong Kong Tung Chee Hwa, To Kit went to the Philippine Consulate General and bowed contritely before Filipinos.

Not to gloat, there is a lesson here not only for Chip Tsao but for all members of the so-called Fourth Estate.

Stay grounded, be fair, and most of all banish illusions of racial, or intellectual superiority.

We are, after all, only as good as our last story, my elders taught me in my early years.

We must also remember, I submit humbly that the moment we think we have it all figure out is when we will meet our comeuppance, our match.

So Chip Tsao has bowed and so should Philippine society now bow in respect, and  take this Chinese Hong Kong man’s apology.

And then let’s look inward and work hard at reversing the mind’s image Tsao has of the Philippines: “a nation of servants.”

Our divisive politics and experience with bad governance continues to weigh the society down not to mention the disaffection of elements like the Abu Sayyaf,

But we must make the right, the intelligent, choices in the 2010 elections so that we can elect new leaders with the heart, the balls, the integrity and respect for the rule of law.

Let us foreswear corruption in all its forms, become the change we want our society to be, and earn our rightful place among the community of nations as a peaceful, prosperous, and proud Philippines.

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