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Pinoy Youngsters Shine In Hawaii Robotics Tilt

April 3, 2009


My old friend from GMA Network days, Rico Hizon shared shared this bit of really great, inspiring news:

Team Lagablab represented by Philippine Science High School won 2 major awards at the regional FIRST Robotics Competition in Hawaii with their robot entry named “Larry Labuyo.”
Besting over two dozen groups, the Philippine team beat two dozen groups to earn a slot in the world finals in Atlanta, Georgia where the Filipinos will go up against teams from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Turkey and Britain.
“Larry Labuyo,” first won the Highest Rookie Seed Award, and the Rookie All-Star Award.
The first award is given to first-time participating teams that get the highest seeds at the end of the qualifying rounds. The Rookie All-Star Award, on the other hand, puts the Philippines on the top three regional finalists for the International FIRST Robotics Championships.

The full report is here:

Practically no further comment is necessary except that such excellence must continue to be encourage, cultivated among our youth.
They can certainly teach our politicians about having the right priorities

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