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Bickering And Inaction As Notter’s And Vagni’s Lives Stay In Peril

April 6, 2009


The weekend passed almost uneventfully it seems in the 80-plus-days abduction of humanitarian aid workers in Sulu with the Arroyo government practically relocating in Pampanga to celebrate, albeit austerely, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s 62nd birthday and Filipino Catholics marking Palm Sunday.

Sure Mrs. Aquino, with her family and Cabinet in tow, attended birthday mass but neither the priest nor A|rroyo offered any prayers for Notter and Vagni.


When she spoke to her adoring kababayans all the president mouthed was an appeal for Filipinos to continue to help bring progress o the country and do “kawang gawa (charity work).”

So beyond the motherhood remark she could easily have left the impression that Notter and Vagni, with their lives in peril, were out of sight, and out of mind.

Against this backdrop, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, hard at work trying to gain favour and be anointed the presidential bearer of the outgoing regime, slammed Red Cross chief Richard Gordon for his “destructive meddling” in the negotiations with the Abu Sayyaf.

Gordon could only react in disgust.

But in sum the bickering did little to raise hopes about any end to the ordeal Swiss Andreas Notter and Italian Eugenio Vagni are still going through as they remain under threat of behead by Albader Parad and his men.


On the ground in Sulu, Basilan. and Cotabato bombs exploded, injuring or killing scores of Marines with the blast in Isabela. Basilan and JKoronadal killing at least two and hurting scores of others.

So as the officials bicker and Arroyo is seemingly undecided what to do in Sulu, the hostage crisis festers.

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