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Brangelina Looking To Adopt A Filipino Child?

April 13, 2009


What am I doing blogging about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Sure they are superb actors and all despite having bombed out at the Oscars.

But what’s caught my eye is the report that they child hunting again.

Not just for any child but for a Filipino child that Brangelina now want to add to their brood of 7 or it is 8 adopted kids.—airport-exec

Nothing wrong there, you might say, given their ‘experience’ at it and their obvious ‘love’ for kids. Who doesn’t love kids?

But what is it with these Hollywood celebs?

Trying to share the ‘blessings’ of global stardom?

Empathy for the world’s poor and suffering?

I’ll grant them that.

But why do I feel something could be amiss somewhere?

Anyway with the word out that Hollywood’s reigning blue-blood pair are looking for a Filipino child to adopt there will surely be no shortage of ‘child adoption experts’ lining up to ‘land’ the deal.

Calling the Department of Social Welfare And Development or Bantay Bata, please.

Brangelina’s child hunt could very well be followed by the Queen of Pop, Madonna, and other ‘adoring’ wannabee adoptive parents given the countless street children in Manila.

Sure we want love to reign but there is that danger, if not already existing practice of unsavoury entities, even syndicates, of snatching babies and putting them up for illegal adoption for princely sums.

Forewarned, forearmed.

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