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The Puno Striptease

April 13, 2009


What is Chief Justice Reynato Puno up to?

First news reports had that his launching of a ‘Moral Force’ was simply that: a new citizens’ movement to fight corruption in the public service.

Now we are hearing in the coffee shops that is really is a nascent political party designed to ‘draft’ the Chief Justice for next year’s elections.

People around the Chief Justice, according to my sources, “really want to gauge whether a Puno candidacy will fly given the current line-uo of wannabees.”

Wherever this trial balloon leads to, the honourable magistrate must understand that he should not, and cannot use his office as public information center for a patently partisan activity without damaging public support for the Supreme Court.

It is bad enough that the judiciary, including the high court, is perceived to be prone to corruptive ‘influences’.

And I am putting it mildly, lest ‘defenders of the faith’ accuse me of being contemptuous of the Supre Court.

I believe firmly that despite CJ now being in the minority of a Court dominated by appointees of the incumbent de jure president the tribunal can and will still rule on issues on judicial rather than partisan (read loyalty to the appointing power) considerations.

This belief will be put to the test soon with regard the Supreme Court’s deliberations at its summer sessions in Baguio on the Philippine Baselines Law whose constitutionality is under question.

Back to my main point, why is it that SC spokesman Midas Marquez is acting as press officer for the Moral Force group???

Be honest with the people and they will understand, Mr. Chief Justice. Filipinos may even rally behind you.

But pray tell us please what your true intentions are, ok?

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