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The Death Of Trina Failon(Etong): Suicide Or Parricide? (UPDATED)

April 17, 2009


Police investigators are now trying “to cross match” the statements they have obtained from the members of the Failon (Etong) household about the circumstances surrounding the gunslaying of the wife of the popular news personality.

Ted Failon has been charged with “obstruction of justice” along with his driver and two housemaids in connection with the April 15 incident where it is claimed that Trinidad Etong (Ted Failon’s real name is Mario Teodoro Etong) wrote her husband a handwritten letter asking for his forgiveness for something she did.


Failon told colleague Ces Drilon in an interview his wife was referring “to the family’s financial problems.” Failon is asserting Trina’s letter was “suicide note.”

Following Trina’s death last night, the Quezon City police are now saying their investigation “will cover all angles, including the possibility that the supposed suicide could be a case of parricide.”

They are also factoring in new findings that Ted and Trina tested negative for traces of gunpowde.Though such forensic results are considered inconclusive, they are seen as indications that Trina may not have fired a gun.

The confusion comes in as Ted earlier yesterday also tested negative.

Etong told Ces Drilon he did “not have to defend himself on that point of him being sonsidered a suspect in his wife’s death.”

Aside from the Quezon City police, the National Bureau of Investigation is now doing its own “parallel investigation of the case.”


Trina’s death has been ruled as a suicide some 40 days since the shhoting incident.

The finding comes just days before the traditional 40-day Catholic trdition of novenas for the eternal repose of someone’s death.

May the healing finally begin with the Etong ang Arteche clans finding emotional closure for their loss.

May Trina herself finally rest in peace.

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