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Trina Failon Succumbs To Her Gunshot Wound As Ted Failon Is Charged With “Obstructing Justice”

April 17, 2009


Overnight the quick, harrowing sequence of events in the shooting incident involving popular news anchor Ted Failon (Mario Teodoro Etong) turned surreal with Trina Failon finally succumbing to the point blank range 38-caliber gunshot wound to her left temple.

As she battled for her life in the ICU, pandemonium broke loose when police suddenly arrived to arrest three of her sisters on charges of “obstructing justice for not reporting the shooting incident to authorities.”

Their brother, Maximo, was also arrested for trying to intercede for his sisters.

As their inquest was being conducted news came that Trina had died at 8:50 p.m.

Police authorities insist they are simply following regular investigative procedures in the highly sensational case.

It is not surprising that with the death of Trina Failon, attention will focus on subjecting the people in the Failon household to intense grilling, with even Ted Failon’s driver and housemaids, who cleaned what police consider a crime scene: the comfort room where Trina supposedly shot herself, being accused of “obstructing justice.”

(Trina’s remains are being subjected to a paraffin test to determine if she had fired a gun. Her body is now undergoing autopsy at the Arlington Funeral Homes morgue on Araneta Avenue . Quezon City. Ted Failon himself has tested negative of gunpowder burns though police say such test is “not conclusive.”)

Through this ordeal, Ted Failon has displayed admirable restraint.

Police investgator are looking at “inconsistencies in the accounts from the Failon household members.

Ted Failon himself is now also accused of “obstructing justice.”

DZMM radio is understandaly transfixed on the case, with the reportage, and commentaries focused on how the Quezon City police are conducting themselves.

The subtext has been Failon’s previous denunciations about the alleged rubout of suspected car thieves in a recent shootout in Quezon City.

justice Secretary Raul Gonzales has also entered the picture as he placed Failon on the departure watchlist of immigration officials and a directive for the outspoken chief of the DOJ Puclic Attorbeys Officeto back off from helping Failon.

DZMM is now reporting that Trina Failon’s both hands.tested negative for gun powder burns.

Police are also reportedly checking is the gunshot wound on her left temple is indeed an entry wound.

These development are ominous.

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