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Authorities Build Their Case As Etong (TED FAILON) Family Grieves

April 18, 2009


The redoubtable secretary of justice, Raul Gonzales, is locking horns with the chief of his department’s own Public Attorneys Office for involving itself in the Failon gunslaying case but now he himself is turning the screws.

Gonzales claims having gotten a tio that a friend of Ted Failon, a certain Delfin Lee, “had helped move fatally stricken Trina Etong from the bathroom where the shooting took place.”

Such remark adds fuel to the various speculations about what really took place on the morning of April 14 in the Etong’s Tierra Pura residence.

Other pieces of evidence police have in their hands now are the findings of police forensics examiners from the Etong bathroom, the calibre 38 Walther PPK pistol of Failon, Trina Etong’s handwritten letter to her husband, and the results of the paraffin tests on the Etong couple.

These are being appreciated in the context of four scenarios: suicide, parricide, murder, and homicide.

The element that is also in play is the claim of at least two “close friends” of Mrs. Etong who say she told them how she wanted to take her own life after the grsduation of one of two daughters because she “could not live with the thought that Ted would lose his trust if he fouynds out about her financial troubles.”

Failon himself has been summoned to appear before the Quezon City prosecutor’s office for the preliminary investigator of the police allegation that he “obstructed justice” when he failed to report the incident and allegedly told his household staff to keep mum about what happened on April 15.


The authorities are in what is called the case build up phase.

All this is happening as the Etong family is gathered at the wake for Trinidad Arteche Etong to pay her their final respects.

To many it all continues to seem like a bad, very bad, dream.

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