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Swiss Abu Sayyaf Hostage Andreas Notter Walks to Freedom But Italian Eugenio Vagni’s Fate Is Unknown

April 18, 2009


Swiss national Andreas Notter walked to freedom this morning in a hilly barangay in Indanan, Sulu ending 90 days of captivity at the hands of Anu Sayyaf chieftain Albader Parad and his men, estimated to still number 50 to 80.


Still captive is Italian Eugenio Vagni, who was confirmed today by Notter to be seriously sick with hernia and “had been wounded,” Notter said.

Notter is now said to be “undergoing debriefing by investigators.”

Among the things that need to be clarified is his remarl,”as you know Eugenion is wounded.”

There are also two versions about how is captivity ended.

Was he rescued as claimed by the government with “the Abu Sayyaf forced to leave him behind because police and military units were in pursuit or if he was freed through the mediation of Muslim elders in Sulu.

The true answers will impact on what will happen next with the life of Eugenio Vagni still hanging in the balance.

With their ‘high value captives down to one” Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad and his men know the full force of the law will come should the ailing Vagni die in, or by, the hands of the ASG or if his freedom is obtained.

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