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Quezon City Police Justify Obstruction Of Justice Case VS. Ted (Etong) Failon

April 19, 2009


With the weekend over, Ted Failon (Mario Teodoro Etong) has hopefully drawn considerable solace from his family members and friends as they reflect on their happy times together with Trinidad Arteche Etong, and sadly, too, about what tragically ended her life last April 15.

Trina’s mortal remains will be cremated this coming Wednesday while Ted will present himself before the Quezon City Fiscal’s Office the day before to undergo preliminary investigation on charges of obstructing justice.

The Quezon City Police is imputing six acts allegedly committed by the popular radio-TV news anchor to buttress their complaint.

Their letter-complaint asserts that the respondent:

“…refused to answer questionas because according to them they were instructed (by Failon) not to talk (sic) anything about the incident.”

“… Pamela Arteche same likewise failed to answer queries as she was likewise told (by Failon) not to talk as regards the incident.”

“He himself failed to report the commission of the crime in his own house against his own wife.”

“… when he was in the hospital on or about 11:00 in the morning, he surreptitiously escaped from the policxe investigators…”

“Failon also failed to surrender to the investigators the cellulat telephone of his wife…”

“His act of suppressing or concealing that object (cellular phone)of his wife conatitutes obstruction of justice.”

It is logical that Failon, through his lawyer, will seek the dismissal of the complaint “for lack of merit” with Ted Etong standing by his earlier Sworn Statement which narrates his version of what happened on the 15th of April.

Procedurally the Quezon City Fiscal could either summarily rule on whether there is enough evidence to warrant Etong’s prosecution before the QC Regional Trial Court or direct police authorities to submit further substantiation of their complaint.

Such would include the promised result of forensic investigations at what is classified as the “scene of the crime” – the private bathroom of the Etong couple where Trina allegedly shot herself and which was cleaned up by the household staff of the Etongs.

This is where things will stand in the sensational case which transfixes Philippine society outside of the gamut of political issues that are occupying the national body politic.

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