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Private Medico-Legal Expert Believes Failon Shooting Was A Suicide

April 21, 2009


Popular broadcast journalist Ted Failon (Mario Teodoro Etong) is appearing before the Quezon City Fiscal’s Office this afternoon for the preliminary investigation of the charge that he “obstructed justice” in connection with the shooting that led to the death of his wife Trinidad Arteche Etong.

But the bigger story is the report broadcast last night featuring Ateneo forensic expert Erfe who was said to be present when Trina’s remains were autopsied by police medico legal experts.

That official post mortem report has not yet been released so opinion-making observers will now be debating whether the medical examiner working for the Failons is correct in saying that Trina did commit suicide.

Dr. Erfe says Trina may have really shot herself on the basis of his findings about the entry and exits wounds from the bullet, the likely distance of the handgun’s muzzle from the victim’s head, and the likehood that Trina was ambidextrous.

This comes well ahead of the findings of the NBI which has just taken over the case from the Quezon City police which was yanked out of its job over its widely denounced mishandling of the warrantless arrests of Etong’s in-laws and his household staff.

It cannot now be avoided that speculations will focus on how Erfe’s findings will compare with that of police and NBI forensic experts.

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