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Speaker Prospero Nograles And His Frankenstein

April 21, 2009


Speaker Prospero Nograles is a lawyer.

But I will not censure anyone who would think that he is either a barefaced liar or is a fan of Mary Shelley.

His proposal laying down a “4th mode” of amending the Constitution is an undisguised attempt to breathe life into a Frankensteinian charter change.

He even has the gumption to tell all and sundry that this way the co-equal Senate and House of Representatives can thus “retain” their prerogative of voting separately and “also be unable to introduce political proposals” in the charter change push.

Mr. Nograles knows that so-called 4th mode of amending the Constitution is not in the 1987 fundamental law.

More importantly, if and when Congress is converted into a Constituent Assembly it is automatically clothed with plenary powers – meaning that it can touch any proviso in the Constitution, including the Transitory Provision, and the form of government.

Such authority coming in the 10th inning of the term of the government of the day will thus open the way for its term extension!

House Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora accurately observes that what Nograles really wants to do is to parlay Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s majority control of the Supreme Court to obtain the imprimatur on the legality of his Frankensteinian 4th mode of amending the Constitution.

Nograles is moving towards a path that will mark him as being on the wrong side of history.

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