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Ted Failon’s Wife Is Cremated As The Probe Into Her Death Continues

April 22, 2009


Trina Arteche Etong’s mortal remains are being cremated as I write this post.

In his tearful eulogy to Trina, Ted said the anguish he and his children is going through is almost unbearable.

He paid tribute to his late wife saying, “I owe who I am today to Trina and now I am at a loss as to how I will raise my younger daughter Karishma in the same way Trina brought up our first born daughter, Kaye.”

He beseeched The Lord for guidance and to give Trina’s sous eternal repose.

While I never met Ted Failon’s wife, all accounts have portrayed her as a truly good mother and faithful wife to Ted.

My heart goes out to Ted and his children as they try to move on having lost the light in their lives in so tragic a manner.

The investigation into just what happened on the morning Trina sustained the fatal gunshot wound to her head is yet uncompleted.

We have little choice but to hope that the NBI will not drop the ball like the Quezon City police did and that the lingering recriminations, and suspicions, give way to fully uncovering the truth.

May Trina Etong find the unending peace that eluded her in life.

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