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Serving The Ends Of (In)Justice:The “Acquittal” Of Daniel Smith

April 24, 2009


So it has come to pass that an American Marine convicted of raping a Filipina has had the lower court’s adverse finding reversed.

Presaging the decision the Filipina recanted her story around which her compatriots had rallied in exchange for a fiancé visa and the chance to begin a new life.

Suzette Sombilon Nicolas is just 25 summers young so anyone can surely grant it to her to now “realize” that she wasn’t really raped, that in a “drunken romantic episode” she had willingly surrendered her virtue.

It no longer matters now that from a strict legal perspective Suzette never affirmed her recantation and t also no longer matters that it was technically not entered into the record as new evidence warranting a case’s retrial.

Justice operates on the principle that an accused must be convicted beyond reasonable doubt. It also no longer matter here because all that has transpired, I submit humbly, defies reason.

There are even those seemingly gloating and asserting that with Daniel Smith now also going back home with his record wiped clean that the interests of justice have been served.

Yes, justice as indubitably governed, nay, colored by the reality of a long-existing unequal relationship between a past colonial master and its Third World ‘ally in the war on terror’.

So be it.

Just now trying to banish the thought that we’ve been had.

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