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The Eugenio Vagni Situation Is Turning Desparate

April 24, 2009


For a while it seemed that the Sulu hostage crisis was coming to an end with the consecutive releases of Filipina Mary Jean Lacaba and Swiss national Abdreas Notter.

But the decision of Sulu governor Sakur Tan to telegraph government moves to push the “final option” – a military rescue attempt of remaining captive Eugenio Vagni has distressingly complicated the situation.

Feeling the noose tightening, Albader Parad and his men did relinquish control of the Italian – but to another group of armed criminals.

Now Vagni has gone missing, with his health condition possibly diminishing each passing day in the ordeal that has gone past the 90-day mark.

Right after he went free, Notter not only confirmed that Vagni was suffering from hernia but added that the 62-year-old had been wounded.

The nature of Eugenio’s injury has not been disclosed but there now reports that that as the Abu abandoned their encampments they were seen carrying somebody, possibly the ailing Eugenio Vagni.

Details filtering out in press report have indicate the abductors have been moving around in the jungles of historic Bud Daho which has long been known as a favoured hiding place of the Abu Sayyaf for its kidnap-for-ransom activities.

Bud Daho was the scenes of a bloody massacre of Tausug by colonial American forces.

The growing desperation of authorities is laid bare by the offer of a 500,000-peso reward for anyone who can help locate Vagni.

It may now indeed become necessary that the earlier proferred readines of the united States to “help” resolve the crisis is officially  put into active mode with US Special Forces units being on the front line of the rescue operations short of engaging the Abu Sayyaf themselves.

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