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Good Riddance: Daniel Smith Flies The Coop, Legally (Updated)

April 25, 2009


“Goodbye and good riddance,” American Marine Daniel Smith must have muttered when he flew the coop once again, this time legally.

Yes, without so much as a courtesy call to his Filipino ‘minder’, Interior undersecretary Marius Corpus, the “acquitted” rape convict flew back to the United States.

This in much the same clandestine manner that Smith left like a thief in the nightmoved out of the Pasay City Jail weeks after he was found guilty of raping Suzette Sombilon Nicolas.

Hidden behind the alias ‘Nicole’, Suzette had convincingly told a regional trial court judge about how she was gang raped inside a rented van after a night of drunken merry-making with Smith at Subic’s Neptune Club.

Nicole had so convinced everyone that Filipinos took up her bid to uphold her virtue.

So as Smith awaited the result of his conviction’s appeal he spent the last two years doing clerical work in the US Embassy.

As as most Filipinos had only read news excepts of the Court of Appeal reversal of his conviction, the American has packed up his bags an left for good.

Suzette even beat Daniel  to it  by several weeks, unceremoniously dumping her lawyer and recanting her story.

Attorney Jose Flaminiano learned of Daniel’s departure after the fact.

Up until yesterday he was insisting Daniel was still in the US Embassy, even tangling publicly with Atty. Evalyn Usua over the CA decision why is was wrng for Ursua to question the manner Nicole’s recantation affidavit had been made.

Ursua and Flamiano are now even with both their clients in the United States.

Well,  Filipinos can perhaps follow the example of the one-time sex partners and also now bid the estranged couple good riddance.

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  1. jcc34 permalink
    April 25, 2009 11:51 pm


    as a practising lawyer for 19 years i read all these scenarios as consistent wit the doing of “back-door operators”. it was a win-win for Ms. Nicole. Mr. Smith lost this case.

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