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Korina And Mar Announce Their Engagement

April 26, 2009


The wannabees in next year’s elections have until the 30th of NBovember to officially throw their hat into the ring and have their name on the ballot.

One of them is Manuel Araneta Roxas III.

Like the rest, Sen. Mar has of late been racheting up his propaganda activities with increased public appearances and advocacy ads, most recent of these the one were he is a pedicab driver.

When he first ran for senator, Mar took on the monicker Mr. Palengke, drawing from his being trade and industry secretary.

The cultivation of that image, one of being of the people and thus attuned to their needs, their struggles, cannot be denied the president of the Liberal Party who also tonues to champion the plight of parents hoodwinked out of their hard-earned money by the crooks who ran the Legacy pre-need scam.

This week, Mar paused to tackle a personal matter, but a move that is no less populist, in a manner of speaking.

On national television, he asked Korina Sanchez to marry him.

They did not announce a date yet but this writer predicts that the mariage of the year will take place with time enough to spare before Mar goes on the stump for his most challenging political adventure.

I worked with the good senator over at the DTI and even then saw a glimpse of the heart of the man, and of late he has been showing more of the readiiness to take on the struggles of his suffering compatriots.

No this post is not yet an endorsement, but close to it.

For now, this is congratulatory, as he prepares to wed his lady love.

The only unanswered question is when Korina and her groom will exchange wedding vows. This writer has no skinny on the date but I’d bet by bottom devalued paso the wedding will be between June and November.

The basis for my guesstimate is anchored on the political calendar, November 30 being the deadline for Mar to file his certificate of candidacy.

fter that, he will be embarking on the biggest political adventure of his life and what better way to start it with his lady love already by his side.

This should also auger well for a society long thirsty for inspiring love stories and upright role models.

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