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Three Presidential Aspirants, Three Routes To The 2010 Elections

April 28, 2009


Three of the presidential wannabees in next year’s elections are pushing ahead with their bids in contrasting ways.

Former senate president Manuel Villar is seemingly embattled, being embroiled in an ethics committee probe into the alleged ‘double insertion’ of funds for the Circumferential Road extension project that leads to housing projects built and managed by his realty firm.

The self-made billionaire that he is. the putative standard bearer of the Nacionalista Party says he’s the victim of a black propaganda effort.

But Villar may yet benefit from the controversy if voters begin seeing him as an underdog.

The other Manuel in the race, Manuel Araneta Roxas III, has been struggling in the popularity surveys but is starting to look like a winner, at least in matters of the heart, having just announced his upcoming wedding with hugely popular broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

Not surprisingly there are those who say the timing of the announcement has politics written all over it.

No matter. Mar and Korina are obviously in love and most Filipinos agree they are a good match.

The third wannabee who’s just entered the equation is Red Cross chairman and erstwhile administration ally Richard Gordon.

I say erstwhile because the good senator has long been perceived as pro-Arroyo but has now launched his own de facto political party, anchored on a strong denunciation of corruption in government and rejection of unsavory practices of traditional politicians.

It bears very close watching which of the three presidential bids will fly on May 10, 2010.

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