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Ted Failon’s Quarrel With QCPD Festers; NBI: No Proof Yet of Foul Play

April 30, 2009


A full week after the cremation of his wife, popular broadcast news anchor Ted Failo (Mario Teodoro Eton in real life) was visibly more calm and looking better rested when he visited the National Bureau of Investigation.

Ted had his eldest daughter Kaye with him plus their lawyers.

The day was spent for what was called a re-interview with NBI lawyers and forensic psychologists with further questions being asked about just what happened on the morning of April 14 when Trina Etong is claimed to have used her husband’s own handgun to shoot herself in the head.

That single bullet wound proved fatal. Failon was assisted by his lawyers in preparing a second affidavit to supplement the one they submitted to the Quezon City Fiscal last week at the preliminary probe of the complaint by Quezon City police that Failon and 5 others, including his sister in law and househelpers, obstructerd justice when the shooting was not immediately reported,

The police are also unhappy over the cleaning up of the bathroom where Trina allegedly shot herself and Ted’s refusal to turn over their cellphones.

Whle the NBI has control of the continuing criminal investigation there have been continued leaks to media about material details in the case with the Quezon City police suspected of divulging the unattributed and unconfirmed information.

Attorneys Alfred Molo and Vince Bayhon are denouncing suspended police colonel Franklin Mabanag for interfering in the NBI’a probe.

In contrast, Failon says he is thankful to the NBI “for its professionalism.”

The NBI for its part is saying they have so far not found any indications of foul play in the shooting incident.

But Failon’s lawyers are standing firm against turning over the Etong cellphones as “they contain privileged information.”

The legal technicality is correct, of course, but for observers such stonewalling does not work in Ted Failon’s favor.

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