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GMA Changes Military Commanders As Jobless Filipinos Fume

May 2, 2009


It being May Day, workers took the day off to be with kinfolk.

But quite many others, the militant and the jobless were at what the government of the day billed as a “JobAPalooza” – a ‘cutesy euphemism by spinmeisters for a sign-up event linking jobseekers with companies offering most either entry level or blue-collar occupations.

Even as the glamorized job fair was held at the bayside Mall of Asia up to 30,000 jobless filipinos queued for hours, all for the fleeting chance to be given a quickie interview or just submit their resume.

At day’s end most went home exasperated or angry or both as a only 7,000 or so were immediately hire or were promised follow-up interviews.

Government had touted that up to 80,000 jobs were on offer subject to proper skills matching.

The militants denounced the event as a “pa-pogi stunt”.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo felt her day was better spent with the loyal military, presiding over the turnover of command to  new chief of staff Victor Ibrado.

The retirement of Lt. Gen. Alexander Yano was actually moved forward by a month and a half (being designated the next ambassador to Brunei) with Mrs. Arroyo justifying it as “designed to make sure Congress confirms the appointment/s before it adjourns session.”

There were, of course, no references to rumors of restiveness in the AFP or the ever-percolating rightwing plots to abbreviate Arroyo’s waning term with 12 months before the presidential elections.

One thing sure, Mrs. Arroyo does know how to play her political, and military cards, while all her other would-be successors content at prematurely campaigning and sharpening their political sabers to be unsheathed against each other when the time comes.

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