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Bravo! Pacquiao Ko’s Hatton In Round 2

May 3, 2009


It is not often when a Filipino of the humblest of origins carries the nation’s hopes on his shoulders and gives his countrymen a genuine reason to roar and jump up and down in pride and exultation.

But Manny Pacquiao did just that again less than an hour ago as of this writing by crushing the glass jaw of the apparently over-hyped Ricky Hatton on Manchester, England.

(In this frame below, Pacquiao is also shown towering over Hatton but believe it or not these images were Photoshopped by a Pacquiao admrer who whimsically but accurate foresaw Manny’s win. except that in his YouTube video, formatted as if was breaking newsyester has Pacquiao knocking out Hatton in Round 1. 🙂


The PacMan made very short work of his rival who sports ‘The Hitman’ as his nom de guerre.

En route to ‘assassinating’ Hatton Pacquiao also grabbed the Briton’s International Boxing Organisation (IBO) junior welterweight title plus Ring Magazine’s accolade in that weight class.

True to form, Manny dedicated his victory to God and Country, generously crediting his coach, Freddie Roach for accurately honing up his right hook, knowing that Hatton would guard against his equally-potent left.

The mismatch became immediately apparent in Round 1 as Pacquiao floored Hatton twice. The early end was assured from then on with Hatton having felt the tremendous power of the Pacman.

That Hatton fell flat on his back with both arms on his sides affirmed anew the Filipino’s standing as the world’s best pound-for-pound pugilist.

Top Rank’s Bob Arum generously paid tribute to Pacquiao as “the greatest boxer ever” while Pacquiao, ever his humble self, said simply that his team prepared him well for the fight and that God blessed his latest efforts.

Thank you, indeed, Manny for unifying Filipinos yet again and making us all proud. Here’s hoping you won’t let the lure of politics spoil your greatness.

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