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Politics Next For Pacquiao, Retirement For Hatton?

May 4, 2009


The morning after The PacMan took out The Hitman there are widely different discussions about the next routes for the victor and the vanquished.

The Philippines’ National Fist is debating about whether its off to the dirty-and-money draining world of politics “so I can serve the people of Sarangani province as congressman” or if that next gazzilions-guaranteed-fight will be just too hard to resist.

For Hatton the path is looking like retirement with even his coach, Floyd Mayweather Sr., telling people the Manchester pugilist should simply focus on boxing promotions and business, taking after Oscar De La Hoya who also decided to hang up his gloves after finding out the Filipino’s true mettle.

Indeed this is how wins or losses present defining moments to warriors of all kinds. There are lessons to be learned, not least among them, accepting defeat graciously and knowing when your time is up in Hatton’s case.

For Pacquiao, it should perhaps be the humble realization that we should nurture what we enjoy and are good at, and to stay focused, absolutely focused.

The dilemma is to reckon whether this means staying in our secure that in our own secure little corner of the world  or consider how we can make a a bigger difference: becoming a catalyst for unity and positive change in society.

This truly is the choice before Manny Pacquiao.

So Godspeed to the PacMan, and The Hitman.

In the Lord’s eyes you both scored kayoes yesterday, not atop the ring but in everyones’  hearts and minds.


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