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(UPDATED) Ted Failon Is Cleared Of Obstruction Of Justice Charge Over Wife’s Death

May 4, 2009


Popular news anchor Ted Failon is set to resume his grief interrupted radio and TV  career.

This as the Quzon City Fiscal’s Office finally dismissing the police complaint that Failon, Mario Teodoro Etong in real life, obstructed justice in the probe into the April 14 gunplay that killed his wife.

The Quezon City fiscal also cleared the house helpers of Failon anf his sister in law, Pamela Arteche Trinchera.

Failon’s home radio station, DZMM, broke the news on the dismissal of the police complaint followed minutes later by a story attributed to NBI spokesman Ric Diaz who reportedly said they are close to completing their own inquiry into whether Trina Arteche Etong did commit suicide.

The DZMM report  quoted Atty. Diaz as saying the NBI could release the results of its investigation  bon about a week’s time.

All that’s pending with the NBI are the results of analysis done by its handwriting experts’ on the supposed suicide note of Trina and the ballistics tests on the caliber  38 Walther PPK pistol used in the shooting.

There are no indications about what the NBI will say regarding the non-turnover of the cellular phones of the Etong couple and the cleaning up of the Etong residence bathroom where Trina is said to have shot herself.

When all these loose end are looped off it may just be that residual public anxiety about the case will will finally recede and Ted Failon will have a clear enough mind to go back to his profession.

His exoneration from the obstruction of justice charge will hopefully allow the hard-hitting broadcast journalist to regain full focus as his nearly 3 week absence from the airwaves undeniably left a certain void not filled by Failon’s competitors.


The highly competitive morning AM radio battleground will be particularly revved up this Monday the 11th of May as Ted Failon is set to return to the anchor slot of DZMM.

But with an apparent shortened or repositioned time.

Anchors Gerry Baja and Anthony Taberna announced Friday that their morning slot will now un two hours, eating up the earlier first hour of the Failon-Sanchez slot.

A further update: this Sunday DZMM announced that with Korina on leave and Ted Failon’s return not yet decided, Pibnky Webb and new newscaster Ricky Rosales will be anchoring the 9:30 to 10:30 slot.

No explanation has yet been given about Failon’s continued ansence.

Failon’s expected return will be 3 days short of one month since Failon had to abruptly left the show ‘Tambalang Failon At (Korina) Sanchez after receiving what turned out tyo be the last phone call of his wife Trina Etong.

When Ted arrived at their Tierra Pura Homes residence in Quezin City his fatally- wounded wounded wife had what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound on her right temple.

The weapon was Ted’s own 38-caliber Walther PPK pistol.

Korina announced earlier Thursday morning that she was going on her awaited leave of absence to focus on her wedding preparations with the groom: Sen. Mar Roxas.

Quite coincidentally it’s also on Monday that the NBI is expectate to release its report on whether Trina’s desth was indeed suicide.

Everyone will be hoping that Ted will be his usually jovial but hard-hitting self , comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable, specially those in the public service who think they are not accountable to the people.

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