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Place Congress Under Quarantine Over Swine Flu

May 6, 2009


There’s a most sensible proposal to protect Filipinos from the current global spread of the killer mutant influenza strain called A(H1NI).

Given how 50 or so congressmen found it more important to fly to Vegas to watch how Manny Pacquiao took out Ricky Hatton the entire House membership should be placed under quarantine.

The worry is that a still unknown number of these lawmaking-boxing aficionados have already been able to slip back into Manila possibly carrying the deadly virus.

So it stands to reason that as health authorities have asked PacMan to postpone his return to Manila, they our honourable congressmen are duty bound to subject themselves to self quarantine.

One conundrum is the revelation of party-list congresswoman Risa Baraquel that taxpayers lose PhP20-M everytime Congress doesn’t have a quorum!

But putting Congress under quarantine is fine given the higher importance of public health.

Anyway, not a few Filipinos think of their non-performing lawmakers as either crocodiles, or swine (given their huge pork barrel funds).

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