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Losing Now Means Getting ‘Pacquiao’ed’

May 7, 2009


Here’s one for the books.

Or to be precise, the sports writers’ glossary of graphic verbs to describe rough and tumble action.

Prepare well for your match and be ready to play hard.

Otherwise you might get ‘Pacqiuao’ed’.

lakers-pacquiaoed-montage(Photo credits: LA Times)

Yes, that’s how the 92-100 loss of the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets in Game One of their NBA Western Conference Semifinal Series was summed up by veteran sports Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plashke.,0,881984.column

So it’s not only boxing aficionados that Manny Pacquiao has endeared himself to.

Not surprisingly. his exploits have drawn gleeful celebratory notice even from basketball folks.

Manny’s certainly quite a hard act to follow. Just a couple of weeks back Time magazine even listed the Filipino boxer among the world’s 100 most influential persons.

You’re a certifiable gem, Pacman, stay focused on what you are greatest at.

It would be a big shame if your planned foray into politics will get you Pacquiao’ed.


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