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Deconstructing The Ako Mismo Advocacy (UPDATED)

May 8, 2009

Ako Mismo's Image Endorsers

Ako Mismo's Image Endorsers

It’s all over the old, and new media – the break out campaign of the Ako Mismo movement, with the PLDT/ Smart ad agency DDB already owning up to having put together the social branding push, there’s no doubt the creative minds behind Ako Mismo know what they’re doing.

Ako Mismo also has a TV advocacy spot thoughtfully rendered in black and white, a deliberate creative  effort intended so that the ad will stand out when aired alongside fast-paced and snazzilly-produced commercial advertisements.

The Ako Mismo material runs a full minute which on primetime free TV would have a rate card cost of close to half a million pesos.

Witness the harnessing of today’s pop icons, minus several who are either out of the country right now or who probably need ‘release’ from their talent managers or mother networks.

But what has the skeptics talking with their eyebrows furrowed is where the motherhood political statements will lead to or for whom.

Filipinos know only too well that with the elections just around the corner there is a battle being waged for their hearts and minds, and their pockets even.

This writer, while adopting an I-have-to-know-more attitude about Ako Mismo, will be remiss to readers of At Midfield if this corner does not report that the campaign is also gaining online adherents by the tens of thousands with upwards of 70,00o people already signing up on its web site.

Its early supporters among overseas Filipinos includes Lorna Lardizabal Dietz, one of the most passionate advocates of Filipino interests in the United States.

Here’s how Lorna views Ako Mismo:

Ako Mismo’s campaign has the nod (and the check book) of respected businessman Manny V. Pangilinan behind it cannot but be taken in the context of the months-long buzz that MVP may run for high office given the perceived or real dearth of choices intelligent and presumably nationalistic Filipinos have among the current crop of presidential wannabees.

To be honest, why not MVP?

This is the same reason there are those endorsing figures like Among Ed Panlilio or Dick Gordon or even those suggesting in tongue-in=cheek fashion for even Manny Pacquiao to run for president.

It’s because Filipinos are so damn-and- dog tired with traditional politicians, and traditional guns, goons, and gold electoral tactics and antics.

Over at the ultra nationalist blog New Philippine Revolution, Patricio Mangubat has this perspective:

We’ve more than had it, and we certainly deserve better, Filipinos are screaming.

That being the case the imperative for those behind the Ako Mismo movement is to tell us very clearly now where they are pied-pipering us to.

Tell us, honestly, and sincerely so that the air of skepticism can be replaced by the breath of confidence.

Then we will sign up.

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