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Of Inner Yearnings And Elections

May 8, 2009


Unless one is a heart surgeon or forensic pathologist, no human alive can ever see what’s inside our hearts, literally that is.

Our inner yearnings are only ours to know, to peer through, with the Lord God and our conscience, our only witness, and companion.

But frail creatures as we are, alternately full of hubris and doubt we often think we have the measure of the other, of our peers and superiors and certainly of our ‘subordinates.

But do we ever? In much the same way, as Filipinos the estimation we have of our leaders is formed depending on whether our vision of how they are running our lives, shaping our society, is going well or not.

And that vision is not always 20-20, formed as it is by our biases, our education or lack of it, and yes by our affiliations and how media reportage helps shape public opinion.

Such is the lot of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and not even those body temperature-reading thermal scanners can give us insight other than whether she and her life companion, Atty Mike Arroyo potentially have the flu.

How I wish it were easier for us to judge the First Couple or our other political leaders beyond their record of performance, for us to divine if indeed they feel and care for our needs and yearnings as a people.

Such is our lot, too, the governed, with our destiny intertwined with those who hold the reins of power.

But we are not powerless. We will have the chance to wield the supreme power of our democracy next year if events or circumstances such as the mishandling of the COMELEC’s automated elections or the very cancellation of the balloting do not come to pass.

Keep the faith we must.

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