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Pedophilia, Nicole II, And Filipino Dignity

May 14, 2009

who aussie doctor montage
Deja Vu is when an event or events gives you the feeling that this has all happened before and you don’t quite know how you’ll deal with it and then wish that it will just go away, particullarly if it’s woefully unpleasant.

Well that’s what this writer is feeling given the back to back incidents of another Filipina reportedly crying rape at the hands of an American soldier after having met him at a bar and of another Caucasian, this time a Australian doctor, being caught in the company of a half naked Filipino boy.

The twists in the cases are that Gabriela is saying the Filipina doesn’t intend to pursue the case, believing that nothing will come of it in the wake of the Subic rape case of 2006, while the case of the Australian doctor has potentially serious ramifications given that he is a ranking regional official of the World Health Organization.

I am particularly concerned that in the developing case of the Australian it turns out that the incident took place in the basement of the plush Amorsolo Tower in very upscale Rockwell Center in Makati.

In my mind’s eye it is a truly disturbing picture that has developed: that Filipinos have become cheap targets of lecherous with foreigners having such low estimation of their dignity that they can be solicited anywhere, and for any price.

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