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The C-5 Road Controversy: Villar’s Persecution Or Prosecution?

May 15, 2009


It surely is a queer graphic coincidence that Sen. Manny Villar has been photographed with the controversial C-5 road map projected on him during his own news conference to  angrily rebut the charges that he breached ethical standards in the extension-cum-realignment of the circumferential highway.

The Senate ethics committee hearing was even marred by the walkout of Villar’s allies who tried to drive home their claims that the former senate president was the target of a political smear job because surveys say he is favored by voters in next year’s elections.

But is Mr. Villar really being persecuted or is there hard evidence beyond the earlier revelations that there were double budget entries for the C-5 extension work which is said to directly pass through and thus benefit 16 realty projects owned by Villar.

The way the controversy has taken on unsavoury political proportions there’s not much else that can and should be done except for the ethics investigation to be fully completed even as Villar says he’s willing to take bets that he’ll be found guilty by his peers.

If Villar’s prediction comes true next week then it will incumbent for him to file suit to redeem his honor and go all the way to the elections.

Then if he wins Villar will have the last laugh.

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